DP…the ultimate pleasure. 

A girlcock nestled deep inside my cunt and plug inside my ass.  I begin taking pics but it isn’t long before I set aside the camera and grasp my cock, giving it a firm tug.  Oh god!  It sets off a chain reaction…my g-spot swells and my ass clenches.  I do it again, experimenting with the angle. Ahhhh yes!  The more I fuck myself…the more I am fucking my ass.  My mind is lost in the dual sensations and then I am knee deep in a fantasy…

My body is sandwiched between two male bodies…hands and lips everywhere at once as they struggle to keep their meaty cocks inside of me.  I try and stay grounded for fear that I will spin out of control too fast at the intensity of the moment.  There is pleasure but I am so full of cock it threatens to overshadow it. They slow their movements as if sensing they are losing me. I feel one bite down on my lobe and whisper how good the other’s cock feels against his.  Oh fuck yes!  The other responds by reaching around us to grasp the other’ man’s ass, giving it a hard pull and sending his cock deep inside meHis mouth is against my other ear whispering how he can’t wait until that cock is in his own ass.  YES, FUCK YES!  I realize I am talking…but not just breathy moans…utter filth, encouraging them to fuck me harder, deeper.  We begin moving in tandem…all three of us reaching for the peak.  For a moment I am pulled outside my body watching this wild woman thrash and fuck…revealing in the cocks stuffing her pink, stretched cunt to the brim.  Then I’m back in my body exploding.  My vision fades out and all I hear and feel and smell is our combined pleasure.  The ultimate.  Two spurting cocks flooding me with cum as I clench down in the most wickedly indulgent pleasure~

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